Wedding Day Checklist

January 14, 2016

Your wedding day should be relaxing and enjoyable – with no stress! To make sure you don’t forget any day-of essentials we asked expert wedding planner, Holly Patton of Perfectly Posh Events for a comprehensive checklist. Keep this on hand for a stress-free big day!


Day of Wedding Checklist_2

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For the Bride

___ The ring

___ Wedding dress

___ Veil or headpiece

___ Undergarments

___ Shoes

___ Wedding jewelry

___ Clothes and makeup for the next day

___ Cell phone

___ Brush/comb

___ Hairspray

___ Makeup

___ Lip balm

___ Extra panty hose

___ Toiletries

___ Mints

___ Perfume

___ Bobby pins/hair ties

___ Clear nail polish (helpful for nylon runs!)

___ Pair of flat shoes

___ Straws (Prevents spilling on the dress when you are having a drink!)

___ $20 for “just in case”

___ Driver’s license

___ Camera

___ Snacks (Make sure they are light colored and non-messy!) and bottled water

___ Tissue

___ Umbrella

___ Lint brush

___ Hanger for wedding dress


Day of Wedding Checklist_3

Photo Credit: GH Kim Photography

For the Groom

___ The rings

___ Tuxedo or suit

___ Shoes

___ Clothes for the next day

___ Toiletries

___ Mints

___ Cologne

___ $20 for “just in case”

___ Driver’s license

___ Camera

___ Snacks and bottled water

___ Umbrella

___ Lint brush


Day of Wedding Checklist_1

Photo Credit: A Fist Full of Bolts Photography

Don’t forget!

___ Vendor final payment and gratuities

___ Marriage license


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