An Interview with BreeAnn Gale, Founder & Lead Event Planner at Pink Blossom Events

November 9, 2015


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Summer is a busy time for any wedding planner. What was your favorite trend that popped up at weddings this summer?

This summer was a hot one in Seattle so it was fun seeing all the creative ideas my clients had to beat the heat and keep their guests cool. From ice cream treats during cocktail hour (it’s never too early for dessert!) to fans that doubled as programs. While these trends might not translate into fall and winter, they were definitely a winner for summer!

What do you love most about your job?

My favorite part of my job is the working with each individual client! They always bring a unique idea or wish to the planning process, allowing me to be creative and try something different each time. I really try to make sure the event reflects the couple’s personality above anything else.


Alante Photography

Alante Photography

Any insider tips for future brides?

Trust the process! Each of the vendors you’ve hired is an expert in their field. Let them guide you through the planning and your wedding day will be better than expected.


Alante Photography

Alante Photography

What is your must-have item for any wedding?

My list of must-haves for a wedding seems to grow each year but my number one must have is a good pair of shoes. Whether you are the bride looking for that perfect pair of shoes to give you that “wow factor” or a wedding vendor who is on their feet all day, shoes can make or break your day!


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Thank you for sharing with us BreeAnn! A full list of Herban Feast’s partner vendors can be found here. See more partner vendor profiles here and here. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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A Peek Inside Our Off-Site Venue, Golden Gardens Bathhouse

September 28, 2015

Today we are excited to take you inside of one of our beautiful off-site venues, Golden Gardens Bathhouse! While only ten minutes from downtown Seattle, this laid-back and lovely location feels worlds away from the city.

Golden Gardens Bathhouse_1

Owned by Seattle Parks and Recreation, Golden Gardens Bathhouse offers amazing views of the water, Olympic Mountains, and nearby forests.

Golden Gardens Bathhouse_2

Golden Gardens Bathhouse_3

Golden Gardens Park was originally developed in 1907 by Harry W. Treat and was used as an attraction to encourage people to ride the new electric cars lines that had been installed throughout Seattle. The historic Bathhouse at Golden Gardens was built later on, in the 1930’s. Golden Gardens is now considered one of the most popular parks among over 450 in the Seattle Parks system.

Golden Gardens Bathhouse_4

Perfect for any private party, seminar, or event, the historic waterfront location contains a large Main Hall with a cathedral ceiling and multiple skylights, allowing for lots of beautiful, natural light.

Golden Gardens Bathhouse_5

Golden Gardens Bathhouse_6

Golden Gardens Bathhouse_7

Thank you Golden Gardens Bathhouse for sharing your stunning location with us! A complete list of our off-site venues can be found here. Take a peek at some our own Herban Feast venues featured on the blog here and here.

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Exploring the JM Cellars Outdoor Venue

July 8, 2015

It is the season! Outdoor weddings and events are underway, and we’re excited to share one of our preferred off-site venue partners, JM Cellars. Located in Woodinville, WA, JM Cellars is known for its beautiful and serene outdoor space, featuring gorgeous grounds, lush greenery and whimsical Northwest touches.

JM Cellars, Woodinville, WA

John Bigelow, owner of JM Cellars, started studying winemaking in the mid-1990’s and quickly became an enthusiast. Soon he and his wife Peggy had converted the basement of their Seattle home into a winery where they fermented and aged 100 cases of wine, and in 1998 JM Cellars was officially open for business.

JM Cellars_A

JM Cellars’ venue is located on a seven-acre property affectionately known as “Bramble Bump.” The beautiful arboretum is full of history that is as rich and bold as the wines created there. In the early 1900’s Bramble Bump was part of a 550-acre dairy farm, which became abandoned when the Great Depression hit.  George McBride bought the farm in 1938, transforming it into one of the largest dairies in Washington State. McBride later passed on five acres of the farm to his daughter Jan, who moved to Bramble Bump to build a home with her family. Avid horticulturalists, Jan and her husband Smitty planted several rare specimens on the property including a Chilean Fire Tree, a Himalayan Zebra Pine, and a Cherry tree (that is now one of the largest in the U.S). In 2000, John and Peggy Bigelow purchased Bramble Bump, working with their gardener Mary to maintain the beautiful land that you see today.

JM Cellars_5

JM Cellars hosts weddings and private events all year long. The perfect Northwest background for any event, Bramble Bump’s grounds include a walking trail, a rock garden and bocce ball court, a pond, and a patio where guests can mingle and relax. Inside JM Cellars is a main tasting room and a fireplace room, which are ideal for private events.

JM Cellars_B

Thank you JM Cellars for sharing your beautiful space and history with us! A complete list of our off-site venues can be found here. Also take a peek at Herban Feast’s own venues on the blog here and here. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Happy sunshine!

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An Inside Look at Our Off-Site Venue – DeLille Cellars

June 10, 2015

Take a peek into one of our off-site venues – the beautiful DeLille Cellars. We love this location for its incredible greenery and breathtaking water views, oh and the wine!

A little history and a few fun facts: DeLille is located in Woodinville and was founded in 1992 by Charles and Greg Lill, Jay Soloff and celebrated winemaker, Chris Upchurch. The winery was originally founded with the mission of creating a new Bordeaux blend using grapes from Washington State vineyards. Today, DeLille produces three different wine collections – DeLille Cellars, Grand Ciel and Doyenne. Each wine is made of grapes from their own vineyards in combination with fruit from the Yakima Valley.

cocktails around pond

Interested in hosting your next affair here? The DeLille Cellars Chateau is available for private events such as weddings, company holiday parties and birthday celebrations. The Chateau is cozy and charming and is adjacent to gorgeous landscaping and a cedar forest.

groomsmen on the terrace - no tent

DeLille’s award-winning chateau and private 10-acre estate can be customized to nearly any event style you can imagine, from rural northwest to upscale elegance or European chic. Check out this stunning Herban Feast Real Wedding recently hosted there!

bride and groom (1)

dinner indoors fireside


Thank you for sharing this behind-the-scenes look with us DeLille! As you’re planning your next event, check out our complete list of our off-site venues. Also view our own venues Sodo Park, The Foundry and Froggsong Gardens.

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Featured Vendor: Valley & Co.

April 27, 2015

An Interview with “Featured Vendor” Nick + Aleah Valley, Owners + Purveyors of Fun, Valley & Co.

Picture 1

What do you see as the top trends for 2015 whenever we are asked about our trend forecasts for the upcoming year, we close our eyes and envision what we’re sketching and chatting with our couples about. For our team, setting trends means using a classic canvas and peppering that with newer, trendier ideas to set each event apart in a modern fashion. It’s important to us to work with a timeless base for each special event so that our couples will look back 50 years from now and not ask “what were we thinking?”

The biggest trends we foresee in 2015 are:

Living installations – expect to see walls covered in moss, table runners woven with flowers, and overhead florals practically floating in air.

Pairings and tasting menus – food and drink are always big with our clients, and we are excited to see wine and beer flights, tequila and vodka pairings, and tasting menus at several of our receptions. Think: a dinner where you’re served a bounty of smaller plates with paired duos and local fare.

Fused entertainment – there’s nothing cooler than listening to music at an event that’s a fusion of old and new, live and recorded. We expect couples to pair a DJ with a live Spanish guitarist or other musicians, a DJ with a reception band that plays off of the other for an incredible dancing experience, or large entertainment like marching bands or choirs for ceremonies. Entertainment will be big!

What do you love about working with Herban Feast: we enjoy the creativity that occurs during each collaboration with Herban Feast. Whether it’s creating incredible Vietnamese crepes and an inventive market-style dinner reception, bringing to life a NW tasting-style menu or dreaming up fresh cocktails, there are no borders when it comes to brainstorming. Leading up to our events and on the day itself, we know that we will work seamlessly as a cohesive team when Herban Feast is on board.

Picture 2

Photo credit: Jenny Jimenez

What three things are a must for planning every event: oh, this is a very good question with so many possible answers! Excellent music sets the tone for a fun fête. Beautiful decor, whether simple or ornate, creates that ambiance and something special that every event needs to be a true reflection of the host or hostess. Delicious food and drink keep guests merry and full! When planned out well, these three ingredients should yield a memorable and amazing celebration.

Picture 3

Photo Credit: Chantal Anderson

A special thanks to Nick and Aleah! See more featured vendor partner profiles here and here.

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Inside Westland Distillery: A Featured Herban Feast Off-Site Venue

March 27, 2015

We’re thrilled to be partnered with the region’s most beautiful, fun and lively venues, bringing our delicious, innovative catering to guests’ events and celebrations.  Today, we’re showcasing a neighboring venue in SoDo Park that shares our love for preserving the area’s historical buildings and savoring of complex, hand-crafted Whiskey, Westland Distillery.

Built in 1919, Westland Distillery originally housed the Ederer Crane Manufacturing Company and today continues the heritage of large-scale, high-quality manufacturing, trading in cranes for whiskey. The distillery’s mix of rustic, old-world architecture and impressive industrial design is a reflection of a timeless sensibility that honors the endeavors of the past.

Picture 1

Emerson Lamb, Co-Founder and President of Westland Distillery, grew up in the Pacific Northwest and comes from five generations of success and legacy in the timber, paper and pulp industries. Together with his business partner and Master Distiller, Matt Hofmann, Lamb built the Westland Distillery in the SoDo neighborhood of Seattle, where it stands as a monument to all he’s inherited.

Picture 2

Constructed in 2012, Westland is the nation’s largest single malt whiskey distillery, and since opening has become one of the premier event venues in the Seattle area.

While open and expansive, the distillery still offers an intimate and detailed experience to events of all sizes. In its short time on the scene, the crew at Westland has already showcased the venue’s versatility, developing a reputation for executing a variety of events with a distinctive style; from weddings and corporate events to private parties and public receptions.

Picture 3

Thank you Westland Distillery sharing the history, background and photos of your beautiful space! A complete list of our off-site venues can be found here. Also check out Herban Feast’s own venues on display here and here. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!


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