Catering FAQ

Do you have a minimum for off-site catering?
Minimums may apply based on availability on our catering calendar, season and day of the week. Please contact us for current minimums.

Can you accommodate special meals? (Kosher, Vegan, Gluten-free)
Yes. We accommodate all culinary and dietary preferences.  We build our featured menus to accommodate a variety of tastes and needs. Many of our items are gluten-free and we are happy to custom-craft a menu that’s perfect for you.

Can we provide our own “family” specialty dish?
We prefer that all food is prepared and served by our staff. This is to ensure the safety and quality of all food being served to guests. If you have a specific recipe you would like, please ask us and we will try to accommodate.

Are you entirely organic?
Our business practice is to support our local farming community. We purchase ingredients from local food producers whenever possible, and organic produce as it is available.

What kind of bar packages do you offer?
We offer a variety of bar packages, ranging from full bar options to beer and wine only. At our venues Sodo Park and the Foundry, Herban Feast is the exclusive provider of all alcohol. For events at other locations, you may provide your own alcohol and we charge a per-person beverage fee in lieu of corkage. Depending what you choose to serve, the per person beverage charge is $6-$10/guest and includes set-up, ice, mixers and garnishes, our seasonal punch and coffee and tea service.

How does service style affect the cost?
For a comparable menu, buffet will be the least expensive, family-style will be approx. 12% more than buffet and plated is approx. 18% more than a buffet.

Do you charge a cake cutting fee?
Cake cutting is complimentary. Ask about our cake enhancement options, minis and dessert buffets.

What’s your service area?
Our service area ranges from Port Gamble to Chehalis (N to S) and Hood Canal to Chelan (W to E).  We provide catering throughout the San Juan Islands and we’re able to accommodate any remote location you choose.  Transportation, lodging and staffing fees vary by location.

How far in advance should we book catering?
High demand days, including evenings, weekends, summer Saturdays and holidays book quickly.  For these dates, we recommend you book catering as soon as possible and at a minimum six-months in advance. For other days, we also recommend booking as soon as possible or three-months in advance.

What is your payment structure?
Booking is easy; a 25% deposit holds your space on our catering calendar. We take a second deposit of 25% three months prior to your event. The final 50% is due 10 days prior to your event with your guest count guarantee.

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