3 Ideas for a Corporate Retreat

3 Ideas for a Corporate Retreat

Our lives are so filled with so much brightness and revelry. On weekends we get to celebrate stunning and romantic weddings and during the weekdays we get to help companies celebrate success with summer BBQ’s, grow closer through retreats and off-sites, and build their business with sales and team-building sessions.

Is your company planning an off-site? If so, we’re sharing three ideas to make this year’s event your best yet!

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1.Keep Moving

We’re not suggesting a game of musical chairs, but instead moveable spaces where you can give people a fresh perspective, keep them engaged, and transition easily from day to night. A venue that has a flexible floor plan allows your employees to switch mindsets without switching locations. You can host a business-focused session during the day, then seamlessly turn the same space into a fun evening event!

Expert tip: Pick a venue that has multiple spaces. This allows you to set up for the next part of the event without shuffling people outside or into a corner during the transition.

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2. Lighten up

Say goodbye to the traditional buffet and box lunches and hello to an array of appetizers or a moveable feast. Light dishes mixed with fun cocktails gives a party feel and won’t leave your guests sluggish and hot. Plus, giving guests the opportunity to mingle around during the dinner hour allows for more conversation.

Expert tip: Is your company insistent on a sit-down dinner? To allow for the same conversation and mingling, have the dinner family style!

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3. Debut a DJ (or other unexpected entertainment)

A corporate retreat is a great time to talk shop and do company planning, but it is also a chance for your employees to let loose and get to know one another outside of the office. Plan ahead and schedule entertainment! It could be a magician, a great DJ, or even something outside the box – like karaoke, a surprise guest speaker, or a scavenger hunt!

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