Featured Vendor: Valley & Co.

Featured Vendor: Valley & Co.

An Interview with “Featured Vendor” Nick + Aleah Valley, Owners + Purveyors of Fun, Valley & Co.

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What do you see as the top trends for 2015 whenever we are asked about our trend forecasts for the upcoming year, we close our eyes and envision what we’re sketching and chatting with our couples about. For our team, setting trends means using a classic canvas and peppering that with newer, trendier ideas to set each event apart in a modern fashion. It’s important to us to work with a timeless base for each special event so that our couples will look back 50 years from now and not ask “what were we thinking?”

The biggest trends we foresee in 2015 are:

Living installations – expect to see walls covered in moss, table runners woven with flowers, and overhead florals practically floating in air.

Pairings and tasting menus – food and drink are always big with our clients, and we are excited to see wine and beer flights, tequila and vodka pairings, and tasting menus at several of our receptions. Think: a dinner where you’re served a bounty of smaller plates with paired duos and local fare.

Fused entertainment – there’s nothing cooler than listening to music at an event that’s a fusion of old and new, live and recorded. We expect couples to pair a DJ with a live Spanish guitarist or other musicians, a DJ with a reception band that plays off of the other for an incredible dancing experience, or large entertainment like marching bands or choirs for ceremonies. Entertainment will be big!

What do you love about working with Herban Feast: we enjoy the creativity that occurs during each collaboration with Herban Feast. Whether it’s creating incredible Vietnamese crepes and an inventive market-style dinner reception, bringing to life a NW tasting-style menu or dreaming up fresh cocktails, there are no borders when it comes to brainstorming. Leading up to our events and on the day itself, we know that we will work seamlessly as a cohesive team when Herban Feast is on board.

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What three things are a must for planning every event: oh, this is a very good question with so many possible answers! Excellent music sets the tone for a fun fête. Beautiful decor, whether simple or ornate, creates that ambiance and something special that every event needs to be a true reflection of the host or hostess. Delicious food and drink keep guests merry and full! When planned out well, these three ingredients should yield a memorable and amazing celebration.

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