Herban Feast Design Studio: Design Your Perfect Seattle Wedding

Herban Feast Design Studio: Design Your Perfect Seattle Wedding

From antique cake stand rentals to rainbows of linens to vases and flowers and props galore, Herban Feast’s Herban Design Studio is a creative couple’s dream! Whether you are looking for a few vintage rentals to accentuate your theme or want a full team to help you style and even DIY craft a few things, Daniela Ferdico Faget – the nationally acclaimed event designer and lead for the Herban Design Studio – and her team are a must-have resource for couples planning their dream wedding.

For this “Chomp” blog entry, we interviewed one of our most recent couples who are utilizing the Herban Design Studio for their special day.

Meet Leslie. Leslie is the first bride we’ll showcase that has used the Herban Design Studio services. We’ll be following along with Leslie on her journey through the planning process and up to her big day. Find out why Leslie came to the Herban Design Studio, how being open to new ideas is a must in event planning, and her top tip for future brides.

Why did you choose to use Herban Feast’s Design Studio?

I like to consider my first encounter with the Herban Design Studio as a “love at first sight” experience.  I was taking a tour of Herban Feast’s Sodo Park Seattle wedding venue, and was told they have their own design studio on location. I immediately got excited.  I couldn’t help but lose my breath when I walked into the studio. I didn’t know what to look at first, from their amazing cake stand displays to their elegant centerpiece layouts; I was literally swept off my feet!  Choosing the Herban Design Studio was a no-brainer for me right at that moment.  I am so happy that I chose to use their services not only because I have full confidence that they will make my wedding look amazing, but also because they truly listen to your visions and ideas.

 How did you use the Herban Design Studio (styling, DIY, antique rentals, etc)?

I’m currently in the process of using the Herban Design Studio for all of the styling, rentals, and floral aspects of my August wedding.  As a newly engaged girl, I felt a little overwhelmed at times knowing that I needed to figure out favors, centerpieces, linens and so on!  It really took the stress off by knowing that the Herban Design Studio offers such a wide variety of services, making it extremely easy for me!

 What inspired you? Did you have a theme in mind? What was your color scheme?

I knew very early on that I always wanted my wedding to be whimsical, warm and rustic.  I’ve always loved the look of vintage and rustic weddings, but with a hint of classic glam added to the mix!  One thing I didn’t and still don’t want to do while planning my wedding is restrict myself from new ideas.  I’ve found that being open to other ideas such as those offered by Daniela and her team has tremendously helped me in designing the perfect ceremony and reception.  My color scheme is a mix of a marigold yellow, vanilla and dove grey.  I really wanted something that would illuminate Sodo Park’s beauty and I am so anxious and excited to see the final product!

Tell us about the process of choosing a theme, décor, colors, etc. Any process/planning tips for future brides?

While it is very convenient to discuss themes, décor, colors, and so on via email and/or phone, I highly recommend meeting with Daniela and her team in person!  It’s been so great to visually see your ideas come together with examples and pictures that give you more of an idea about what you really want for your wedding.  Something as little as picking the ribbon you want wrapped around your bouquet will help tremendously when looking at it in person.  The Herban Design Studio is just so much fun to visit and really inspires me every time I have stepped into that room!

One word of advice I would give to future brides is to not be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone.  It’s very easy to select a comfortable theme and color, but working with Daniela and brainstorming new ideas for my wedding theme has been one of my favorite experiences throughout the planning process.  I often hear of brides who are very stressed about getting their vision and ideas across to multiple vendors, but by having all of your rentals, floral designs, etc in one place has made this process surprisingly easy and exciting!

 How did the Herban Design Studio help your big day come together?

One thing that has been so helpful is the Project Management and Collaboration System that Daniela and Bella Signature Design team offers for their brides.  It’s similar to Pinterest, but better!  It’s a personalized account just for you and Bella Signature Design to upload as many pictures as you want of inspirations, color ideas, ceremony décor, food, etc.  It’s such a fun website to share your ideas and visually see your big day coming together!

Any other advice you would like to share with future brides?

One key thing to remember is to really design a wedding that reflects you, and not a wedding that others want you to design.  At the end of the day, it’s about you and your fiancé and what you visualize in your wedding.  The Herban Design Studio really helps with this aspect by getting to know you, your style and personality.  They listen to your dreams and ideas and simply make them come to life.  I’ve learned that they sky is truly the limit when planning with the Herban Design Studio and cannot wait to see my visions come alive this August!

We can’t wait to see Leslie’s dream wedding come to life! What are your favorite DIY wedding creations? Have you used the Herban Design Studio for your special event? Tell us on our Facebook page!

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