Herban Feast Real Wedding: Shelley & Jason Green

Herban Feast Real Wedding: Shelley & Jason Green

Herban Feast Real Wedding: Celebrating “Coupledom”

We are thrilled to share the special day of Shelley and Jason. Filled with joy, love and jello shots, we adored the spirit and uniqueness of their wedding.

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Shelley and Jason met online and felt like they had been close friends for a long time.  This closeness and their ability to bring each other into full on belly laughs led to their gorgeous proposal at Jason’s annual Christmas party in front of closest friends.

Let the wedding planning begin!

The couple focused on truly enjoying the planning of their wedding using a “joy” filter – that is to say, it became the couple’s metric for making decisions.  When faced with each planning question, they would ask themselves “How much joy will ‘x’ provide on the day?” (we love!) and then make the decision.

The couple also felt that without a strong cultural heritage and no religious affiliation, they would focus on celebrating their “coupledom”.  The celebration was shaped by their favorite and most meaningful things as key elements of their wedding day (this is where the jello shots came in – a Jason specialty!).

A special thank you to Ozlem Yavuz for the photography. It tells a beautiful story.Photo 2

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A Borracinni’s sheet cake featured a design by Jason’s Best Man.

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House made jello shots.

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Cheers to Shelley and Jason! A long happy, healthy life filled with lots of belly laughter.