The Most Important Questions to Ask Your Caterer

The Most Important Questions to Ask Your Caterer

Your big day requires a bunch of big decisions.  To help you in your planning process, we’ve captured a list of the top questions we receive from our couples about our catering services.  Even if you are not hosting your event with us, these are the best questions to ask your caterer to ensure a wonderful, fun and well-planned event.

How do I choose my menu?

This is important because you may find some caterers have set options, while others invite you to create your own menu from scratch. At Herban Feast, we offer our couples the option to choose from one of our featured menus as well as the opportunity to work with our culinary team to craft their own menu.  We find the majority of our couples find items they love on our featured menus.

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Photo: Watermelon gazpacho, seared beef canapé, roasted pork loin (back), golden beet tartare (front), and crying tiger chicken endive leaf spoon

Do you offer tastings?

For many couples, it will be imperative to sample the dishes being served at their event.  If this is you, make sure you ask about tasting events! We invite our couples to attend our bi-annual open house tasting events or sample dishes during a private tasting.

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How do you handle last-minute requests, such as additional guests who forget to RSVP?

Aunt Millie thought she mailed her RSVP. To your surprise, you now have two more guests. It happens.  More often that you might expect.  It will be important that your caterer can accommodate such last minute requests.  At Herban Feast, we strongly encourage our clients to capture a final guest count one week prior to the event.  This enables us to ensure there is the perfect amount of food for all of your guests and reduces food waste.  However, we recognize surprise guests happen and will always make sure to accommodate them.  There may be a slight variance on the meal and an additional fee incurred.

 Will you be at my event?

This may be important for some brides. If this is you, you must ask this question.  Our Event Service Teams are structured to ensure that the onsite team is well connected to all the details from start to finish. With strong communications in place, your event services coordinator will seamlessly transition the event to your onsite team whose mission is to make your Big Day or event carefree, fun and memorable.

Will you handle all table settings, such as place cards and favors?

This question will often result in a mixed answer. Be sure you are clear on your responsibility.  As a Full-Service Caterer, we provide or coordinate all aspects of equipment rentals from tenting, tables and chairs to china, glassware, flatware & linens.  This does not automatically include place cards, favors or floral décor.  However, we can accommodate this through our Herban Design Studio.

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Do you have a per-person price minimum?

Financial questions are always the most difficult questions, but the most important in keeping on track with your budget.  Most caterers will gladly share this information.  At Herban Feast, we have seasonal minimums for off-site catering.  Our venues also have seasonal food and beverage minimums.

We hope you found this helpful! Did we miss any burning questions?

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