An Interview with “Featured Vendor” Niki McKay, owner of Blue Danube Productions

An Interview with “Featured Vendor” Niki McKay, owner of Blue Danube Productions

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What inspired you to start Blue Danube Productions?

Blue Danube Productions was established in 2007 because there was a disconnect between event planners and audio visual suppliers.  The Danube River separates two cities in Hungary: Buda and Pest.  With just a simple bridge, the two cities are combined to make one magical destination.  Blue Danube Productions is the bridge that connects creative event professionals with a flawless technical production to create an immersive experience.

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What can your clients count on when working with you?

Communication.  Whether it is quickly returning a quote for an upcoming event, talking through event goals to determine the appropriate event technology or explaining what is being provided and how it works, Blue Danube Productions takes pride in communicating clearly and efficiently.

 Where do you find inspiration for new ideas or elements you can bring into an event?

Inspiration for events can be found everywhere.  In the Blue Danube Productions office we have an active Idea Board where members of the team bring photos, sketches, magazine clippings, etc. and post them to the board.   As a team, we discuss why that particular element inspired us and how we could translate that into the world of live events.

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What is the must-have A/V item for any and every event?

Every event needs to have audio support.  The main goal of any event is to communicate with attendees – and it is impossible to do that if they can’t hear the presenter or entertainment clearly.  From small audio systems with a couple speakers and a microphone to large concert-level systems – audio is always budget well spent. 

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Thanks to Niki for sharing her insight and the Blue Danube team for enlivening our events!