An Interview with our Partner Vendor, Vintage Ambiance

An Interview with our Partner Vendor, Vintage Ambiance

1. Vintage Ambiance is such a unique business, tell us a little bit about the company.

Vintage Ambiance provides one-of-a-kind antique and vintage rentals to help your event make a statement! Every day we are working on discovering beautiful and authentic vintage finds from coast-to-coast to bring back and offer to our Pacific Northwest brides and grooms. It a huge compliment when people tell us it’s easy to identify a Vintage Ambiance wedding or event because we pride ourselves on finding unique items that are different from anything else you’ll find on the market!

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2. What styling and décor trends do you see emerging lately?

Lately it’s all about soft, neutral color palettes and wild floral arrangements! Gone are the days where everything has to be absolutely perfect in order to be considered a great design. These days, brides are realizing that the beauty can be in the imperfection, whether it’s a soft, faded upholstered couch or a whimsical floral design with cascading flowers and stems.

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3. What is your favorite part of your job?

One of my favorite parts of the job is seeing how each of our pieces can be transformed in hundreds of different ways, based on the unique style and personality of the bride and wedding planner. I love that our pieces are constantly being used as the foundation for some really brilliant design work.

4. Do you have a favorite memory from an event you worked on?

There are so many memories, but one in particular stands out because it shows the amazing collaboration and support amongst Seattle wedding vendors! 48 hours before a wedding was scheduled, we got terrible news that the venue was being temporarily shut down due to flooding. It would have been easy for anyone to panic (myself included!), but instead the amazing wedding planner worked through the night to secure a new venue, while the rest of us vendors worked to re-adapt the original plans and rework the new space. It’s incredibly rare to work in an industry where vendors will drop everything to support each other when the unexpected happens; it’s truly a community that works together no matter what to create magic for our clients.

5. What (in your opinion!) is the one must-have piece for every wedding?

Lounge seating! I always recommend having at least one couch, but ideally a wedding should have a beautiful couch, two cozy armchairs and a table to tie it all together. Weddings are social celebrations created with the intention of bringing family and friends together and should be designed with both comfort and conversation in mind. It should be just as easy for your guests to find a cozy welcoming spot to engage in conversation as it is to hit the floor and dance the night away!

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