Love Plants, but No Green Thumb? Herban Design Studio Terrarium Class Is for You!

Love Plants, but No Green Thumb? Herban Design Studio Terrarium Class Is for You!

This is a guest post from Stacia W., student of the Herban Design Studio.

Photo: Fire Eyes Photography

My mom is the most talented DIY-er! Coupled with her super-human green thumb, there is no gardening or plant project she can’t tackle. Unfortunately, I only inherited the DIY DNA. That’s why when I heard about the Herban Design Studio succulent terrarium centerpiece class I couldn’t resist – because I can’t kill a succulent!

Walking into the Herban Design Studio is like a dream come true for Seattle DIY lovers. The room is full of ribbon, glass jars, plants, cake stands and more – it is clear why the Design Studio can make any vision for a party, wedding or event a reality.

I picked up this glass terrarium at Ikea for less than $10, as it is the perfect size for the center of my dining table.

We carefully filled our terrariums with one layer of quarter sized river rocks for water filtration.  Next we placed about a ½ cup of dry dirt, as succulents don’t need very much dirt to grow, on top of our rocks.

Then, I covered the rocks with a bright green moss offering a soft frame for my plants.

Selecting the succulents to adorn my terrarium was the most fun part! The colors of succulents range from bright yellows to midnight blues, the perfect palate for my dining room.

I chose a large, lacey, low profile, green-blue succulent as the showcased plant and surrounded it with small spikey succulents.

The best part about the Herban Design Studio succulent class was my one green thumb was not intimidated and my creative brain took over!


Thanks, Stacia, for attending our Herban Design Studio class and sharing your experience! For more information on the Herban Design Studio, contact or call 206-932-4717.

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