Meet the team: An interview with Herban Feast intern Sarah Lewis

Meet the team: An interview with Herban Feast intern Sarah Lewis

Meet the team: An interview with Herban Feast intern Sarah Lewis

Sarah Lewis

This past year we were thrilled to have intern and Washington State University graduate, Sarah Lewis, join our team as the newest addition to the Herban Feast family. Our owner, BJ Duft, is himself a WSU School of Hospitality Management grad (class of 1986) and loves to support his alma mater!

After beginning her internship smack dab in the middle of the hectic wedding season and putting in 7 months of hard work, Sarah is off to explore new adventures. Although we are sad to lose her, Sarah is embarking on the opportunity of a lifetime and we are excited to see what her future holds.

Learn a little more about Sarah and what it’s like to intern at Herban Feast!

How did you find out about the Herban Feast internship and what drew you to apply to work with the Herban team?

I found out about Herban Feast through my college career fair at Washington State University. Being a May graduate, I had my eye out for an internship just so I could test the waters and see what career path I wanted to go into. I researched the company a lot and really liked what I saw.

What was your favorite part of the internship?

My favorite part of the internship was working on the Gates Foundation event in December of 2011. The last few weeks I had the opportunity to really see the coordinating aspect of catering, which has been great. Especially being involved in such a huge event (1200 people), it has been very rewarding to even have the opportunity to work on it. I was able to apply everything that I learned and experienced over the last 7 months to a real live event!

What was the most important thing (or things) you learned while working at Herban Feast?

The most important thing I learned while working here is paying attention to detail. You don’t realize how many things go into an event until you actually work and experience one. Communication was really important working here as well. Talking to clients, co-workers, staff on events – communication was key to make sure everything ran smoothly.

Does working for a catering company make you feel constantly hungry?

Definitely! You see it, you smell it, and you want to try it! I have tasted a lot of new foods while working here which is great; I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone while working here.

What’s your favorite Herban menu item?

That’s a tough one…so much delicious food! I really like our Goat Cheese Mousse Phyllo Cup with Pepper Jelly. I could eat those forever.

Tell us about your future plans and new adventure in Germany.

My future plans as of right now are moving to Germany for 13 months to work for a lodge and resort for military families. I am very excited to move over there to travel and explore. I knew I wanted to do that while I was young or else I would never do it at all, so I figured, why not do it now! After that, I am just going to play it by ear, I am ready for anything!

Anything else you would like to add?

Message to future interns: stick with it! You get to see every aspect of this company and when you leave you will know SO much. To be successful in any career, you need to literally start at the bottom and work your way up. And even as an intern, I definitely feel like I had the opportunity to experience multiple job positions which is what you have to do to see the whole picture.

To my fellow co-workers: You guys are awesome! Those of you that took me under your wing and showed me the ropes, thank you! It means the world to me. I will miss you all so much!!

Thank you Sarah! You have been an asset to the Herban Feast team and we will miss you dearly. We can’t wait to follow along with your European adventure, bon voyage!

-The Herban Feast Team