One Wedding Accessory Seattle Bride’s Digital Editor is So Thankful She Wore

One Wedding Accessory Seattle Bride’s Digital Editor is So Thankful She Wore

Guest blog post by Darien Parish, Seattle Bride Magazine’s digital editor

As the big day gets closer, there’s no doubt you’re diligently checking off items on your to-do list, especially when it comes to gathering all the pieces of your ensemble. The dress was ordered months ago, you’ve procured your something blue, your grandmother’s brooch is set to be fastened to your bouquet, and your shoes wait expectantly for their trip down the aisle. All of these thoughtful details add up to likely the most important fashion statement you’ll ever make.


The day itself might fly by, but those photos will be around for generations. And that’s exactly the level of care I took when planning my own look for our Spring 2013 wedding, but, as it turns out, the one accessory I’m so thankful I wore wasn’t something that could be captured in a photograph.


I spent weeks looking for the perfect perfume to compliment our big day. Just as the smell of a homemade apple pie can send you straight back to that Thanksgiving, or the scent of fresh cedar can carry you away to summer days on the lake, I wanted a signature scent, something I’d never worn or smelled before, that had the power to take me back. It had to be light enough for a late April afternoon, with a hint of warm romance for the evening…plus, the bottle had to be elegant (As they say…it’s all in the details!). After a few trips to the beauty counters at the local department store, I finally settled on Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle. I kept it sealed tight until the big day, when it was the last accessory I put on before beginning our new chapter.


A few weeks ago, I spritzed some on before we headed out the door for dinner and drinks. My husband abruptly stopped me on the porch and leaning in for a kiss he said, “You smell like our wedding day.”


Photos by Gallery 9 North.

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