Vendor Spotlight: LightSmiths

Vendor Spotlight: LightSmiths

Providing lighting and audio-visual services to the greater Seattle area, LightSmiths has been doing what they do best for seventeen years and counting. We recommend LightSmiths to Herban Feast clients who are looking to transform their event space and create a truly memorable experience for their guests. 

Photo by La Vie Photography at Sodo Park

Lighting has the ability to set the mood, draw attention to your event elements and program, or event disguise areas you want your guests to avoid. Whatever your vision may be, LightSmiths has the experience and innovative equipment to help bring that vision to life.


The company was founded on building creative tools that don’t exist elsewhere in the industry. In 2010, LightSmiths created the industry’s first wireless, battery-powered and wifi communicating up-lights. This was before any of those devices existed on the open market. 

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These wireless pendants and chandeliers help bring light into areas that would otherwise not be possible. Dress up their wireless drum chandeliers (aka Grassalier) by attaching greenery and floral. All of their chandeliers come in a variety of sizes and styles to help make your event truly unique. 


Photo by DIWAS Photography at Sodo Park

Another way to easily add style and energy to a space is through LED pixel backdrops and retro lighting. The backdrops can be customized to fit your space and come in a variety of shapes and materials. They are great decor for ceremonies, bars, behind the band or DJ, and for selfie walls.

LightSmiths can has the ability to use their backdrops as decorative room partition to separate one area from another to cater to your event space design.


In addition to their exceptional lighting and decor,  LightSmiths also provides state of the art audiovisual services.  They offer high-performance sound systems, wireless microphones, and a full suite of audio mixing equipment. 

Photo by DIWAS Photography at Sodo Park


The pros at LightSmiths say, “Start with a cohesive vision or event theme, then use lighting to help craft the theme and brand the event. It can be something as subtle as using the right lighting color or programming to evoke the theme. Or an elaborate lighting package and a bespoke backdrop that ties the whole theme together.” 

LightSmiths is not a vendor who is ‘rinse & repeat,’ and they take pride in stepping outside of the box to push design forward to create new and outstanding looks.  

“We are blessed with the creative curse, and tell all of our clients they will run dry on budget before we run out of ideas,” says Brian owner of LightSmiths.  For more information and design options please visit LightSmiths at