Rocking out with our Partner Vendor, Seattle Parties

Rocking out with our Partner Vendor, Seattle Parties

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a rocking dance party at your wedding reception! In one of our most lively partner interviews to date, we chatted with one of Seattle’s top wedding and event DJs, DJ Leslie of Seattle Parties, to find out how she chooses songs for a wedding, her advice for engaged couples, and the most memorable moments she’s had while DJ-ing an event.

 1. What are your all-time favorite wedding songs?

Our songs, like our clients, vary greatly! We look at each wedding as a new challenge, which is what keeps it fun and exciting for us. Think of it as starting out with a blank canvas. First, we gather requests from the bride and groom, then the guests make requests during the course of the evening, and then we splash in a few songs that will compliment everything. A “musical painting” slowly forms, if you will.

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2. How did Seattle Parties get started?

In the late 90’s we were doing club promotions under the name “Cat Swingin’ Lounge Productions.” From there, we started to get requests to do lots of ‘swing theme’ corporate events. In 1998 we formed Seattle Parties and started getting seriously involved in weddings and corporate events. As well as talented DJ’s, we book live music, performance artists, and lighting and AV for events.

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3. What do you love most about your job?

I have been a DJ since my early teens and it’s my passion! I started out on vinyl and pride myself on mixing live and by ear. I love working closely with guests to formulate music that they’re happy and confident with. Every DJ who works for Seattle Parties is a musical artist and 100% passionate about what they do!

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4. Any advice for couples planning their wedding?

Make sure you feel really comfortable with the vendors you hire! Our motto is that we’ll meet with you as many times as needed until you’re satisfied with everything. During the wedding you should be focused on celebrating with your partner, friends, and family – not worrying about anyone’s role!

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5. Do you have a favorite memory and/or story from working at weddings?

I do have some funny stories from over the years! One time I was DJ’ing on a hill in Sun Valley Idaho and a dust storm swept up the Tiki-style DJ booth the client had hand crafted for me and it flew up and over my head and tumbled down the hill behind me. Another time, a major NBA player and all his friends got out on the dance floor and danced along to the Cupid Shuffle. I find that no matter how grand or intimate, each wedding has a funny story or memorable, heartwarming moment. For us, the most memorable moments are seeing our clients having a great time with their family and friends.

Thank you for giving us the inside scoop, Leslie! A full list of our partner vendors can be found here. Make sure to follow along with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest!


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