Seattle’s Best Company Holiday Parties at Herban Feast’s Sodo Park

Seattle’s Best Company Holiday Parties at Herban Feast’s Sodo Park

The holidays are our favorite time of year here at Herban Feast! It’s the celebration of friends, family and colleagues coming together to party and plan for a new year. At Herban Feast, we thrive on the excitement of helping companies plan their holiday events where a blend of relaxing, mingling, bonding, celebrating, and mixing business with pleasure happens at once. And, let’s not beat around the bush, it’s fun to see everyone cutting loose outside of the office!

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This brings us to the “where” to have your party. There are many venues around the Puget Sound, but for larger gatherings, our award-winning venue, Sodo Park, is the only spot in the region that boasts the beauty and distinct charm of a historic manufacturing facility with exposed wooden beams and enormous reclaimed lights. Sodo Park is also easily transformable with the ability to create distinct areas for relaxing and mingling, dancing, eating, casino tables, and other fun holiday activities.

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Planning a theme party this year? Casino Nights, Masquerade Balls, Night at the Saloon, Winter Wonderland and the Roaring 20’s are all great party themes we’ve hosted at Sodo Park. Our team of professionals are highly creative and able to help you identify the theme that works best for you group, and then create an evening no one will forget.

We have also just introduced brand new holiday catering menus and specialty cocktails to complement your event, and will happily customize menu items for specialty dietary requests.

Seared Beef Canapes

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Our Amazing Cocktail Tree!

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Signature Sweet Potato and Dungeness Crab Cakes

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Like what you see? Contact us today to request your proposal and learn more about Seattle holiday parties or Seattle holiday catering with Herban Feast. Please email or call 206-932-4717.