Top 5 DIY Wedding Planning Tips from the Bride & Groom

Top 5 DIY Wedding Planning Tips from the Bride & Groom

Guest blog: Huoy & Walter at Sodo Park by Herban Feast

Once my husband Walter and I got engaged, we ventured into the world known as “planning our wedding”. It was uncharted territory indeed, but it was also one of the most rewarding projects we have both worked on together. At least, that is, so far!

I know as a bride there are constant thoughts and questions you have to answer as you plan your wedding. I would love to share some of the things Walter and I did to not only plan a wedding that really represented us, but something that both of us enjoyed and contributed to equally.

Build Your Joint Vision
What do you both want the wedding to look and feel like? We both discussed what was important to us and not important to us. We decided on what elements we wanted to splurge on. Overall, the most important thing we wanted from our wedding was to first, get married, and second, to celebrate the relationships we had with our friends and family who have supported us. By keeping that in mind, it helped keep everything in perspective and allowed us not to sweat the small stuff.


Determine who will do what
Are any elements of the wedding more important to one of you than the other? Walter cared about the music. He picked the DJ. I cared about the flower arrangements. I decided which flowers we would order. Talking about what we were most interested in allowed us to figure out what to do on our own or what we would work on together.


Break the rules
There are lots of traditions that come with weddings that can feel restricting and add to the stress level. Once we gave ourselves permission to do our own thing, planning was a lot less stressful. We decided that we didn’t need the same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. I decided that I did not really care that all of my bridesmaids were wearing the exact same dress. Once we let ourselves break those standards, it was less stressful.


Be organized
We knew that being organized would help keep us on track and make sure that everything would be in one place. We decided to house all of our plans (timelines, budget, guest list) in a shared Google Doc that allowed the both of us to update it real time. It was so much easier than giving this responsibility to just one person.


Have fun
You two are getting married after all! This is a joyous occasion and we had fun during all parts of this process because we knew that it would ultimately lead us to our “I Do’s” and being husband and wife. We looked at each decision as an opportunity to share our relationship with our guests and it led to some personal and creative details.


Planning your wedding together is just the first of many adventures you will have as husband and wife, so enjoy it!

– Huoy & Walter


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