Top Wedding Floral Trends for 2018

Liz Lui

Top Wedding Floral Trends for 2018

Find out how to create bright, trendy floral arrangements with a little guidance from Herban Feast’s Herban Design Studio. 

“Summer is in full bloom with a variety of color options, including exciting purple palettes and calming arrays of blue grays,” says Rebecca Dashow, lead designer at the Herban Design Studio. “I love seeing the beautiful mix of garden roses with a touch of tropical flowers mixed in. Custom dyed ribbon is also a great way to tie your wedding color palette together.” 

Below is a list of some of Rebecca’s favorite 2018 floral trends: 

 Texture-Focused Greenery 

(Photo Credit: Jonathan Gipaya Photography) 

GH Kim Photography

(Photo Credit: GH Kim Photography) 

Classic florals and unique textures blend together to create inspiring, modern bouquets for the 2018 bride and her wedding party. 

Blending Garden and Tropical Florals 

Salt and Pine Photography

(Photo Credit: Salt and Pine Photography)

The subtle romance of garden greenery mixes with vibrant tropical blooms to create bright and unexpected floral arrangements. 

Trailing, Custom-Dyed Ribbon 

(Photo Credit: Jenna Bechtholt Photography; Ribbon Vendor: Hanah Silk, Seattle Wholesale Grower’s Market)  

Custom-dyed ribbon adds a touch of romance and is a great way to personalize a bridal bouquet.   

Shades of Purple 

Liz Lui Photography, Purple Wedding Foral

(Photo Credit: Liz Lui Photography)


Aga K Photography

(Photo Credit: Aga K. Photography)

Florals in various shades of purple, plum and ultraviolet are making a statement in weddings this year.