Working with an award-winning Seattle catering company: Q & A with our intern Darby

Working with an award-winning Seattle catering company: Q & A with our intern Darby

We are so happy to introduce you to Herban Feast’s intern, Darby! She came to us two months ago after graduating from Gonzaga University with a BA in business administration, and was eager to gain experience with a successful catering and events company.  Wonder what it’s like to be our intern? Find out in this fun Q&A with Darby about her internship experience so far!

Give us a quick “day in the life”

I arrive at 8:30 a.m. to go over the itinerary for the day with the Sales Team. The rest of the day consists of updating binders, creating menus, placing rental orders and designing floor plans for upcoming events.  At times, I also conduct site visits with a member of our sales team, or visit a vendors business to look at inventory, or pick up rentals. Some days, I work the events to get a feel for how events are executed after the planning is done. Every day is different, which means there is never a dull moment.

What has been your favorite event that you’ve seen or worked on while being part of the Herban Feast team? Why?

The Sodo Park and The Foundry Open Houses. The design was fantastic, and the food was phenomenal for both events. With The Foundry Open House, I had the opportunity to see this event from the idea conception to the actual execution. I know our guests were excited about their event once they stepped through the doors and saw what our sales and design team is capable of creating.

What are the three most important things you’ve learned in your position?

First and foremost, be flexible. As an intern, I am exposed to the many components that make up a successful catering and events company. I get to see different venues, work different events and learn from different people all the time. Every day is different — which I love — but flexibility is key.

Coming into this position, I knew attention to detail was a must, but I didn’t realize why until being a part of the Herban Feast team. There is a ripple effect; when one thing is missed, it can cause serious stress on someone else later on.

Lastly, change can be exciting. I came on in the middle of wedding season, with little background in catering and event coordinating. It was a bit overwhelming in the beginning, but looking back, it’s been exciting. I’ve learned so much in the last two months, and I have the Herban Feast team to thank for that.
Thanks Darby, for being an amazing part of our team!