Top Wedding Design and Decor Trends for 2014: An interview with Nicole Haynes at the Herban Design Studio

January 8, 2014


What overarching design themes do you think will dominate 2014?

I see people moving away from Vintage tea parties and towards sophisticated and glamorous Downton Abbey, Great Gatsby trends with all of the glitz, glam and excitement of those periods. One theme that will never go away is pure, opulent romance, from candlelit, dreamlike ceremonies, to lush, layered floral, to receptions enhanced with draping and saturated in color.

What do you anticipate being the dominant colors, and how will they be used?

The Pantone of the year is Radiant Orchid, a color offering warmth and joy. This along with beautiful lush, exotic tropical colors, like deep blue and a strong rich turquoise, remind me of Hawaii, Cuba, Thailand, and Brazil. These colors are bold and expressive, and they exude confidence.


Nudes, neutrals, blush and soft pinks, romantic wedding tones are always in style and with lavish details like crystals and metals they are elevated to another level.


Please share fun centerpiece or decorative ideas you will be trying out in the New Year

I’m constantly inspired by fashion, architecture, nature, and artistic expression.  I think anything fun, inspiring, original, and over the top. That which will surprise you, transport you or make you fall in love again are key to any design.

What are you anticipating as a popular floral arrangement or flower for the year?

Phalaenopsis orchid really is Radiant Orchid. Delicate, exotic, and strong as a flower and as a color.

Radiant Orchid

What are you most excited for in the New Year – event décor wise?

Out with the old! Color, playing with draping and lighting and accent décor. Metals and monochromatic floral. Bold, expressive, emotive.

What is the number one tip you would give anyone hosting an event in 2014?

Choose intimate details to personalize your event, such as a handwritten letter to each guest. Don’t get caught up in what is trendy or get lost in what the day is really about. Each other.

Happy 2014 friends!

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As Seen on King 5: Wedding DIY Tips!

June 13, 2013

Our Herban Design Studio Creative Director, Nicole Haynes, was invited to join King 5’s Christie Johnson for a special DIY segment. Here are a few favorite takeaways!

Check Grandma’s House, Antique Stores and Thrift Shops

These are great places to find china, crystal glasses, chandelier prisms and strands, vintage mirrors, and delicate lace.  Select several pieces and cluster them together. Selectively incorporate a single bloom or two in a bud vase and you’ll have a beautiful centerpiece.

Visit the Beach!

Beachcombing is amazing for finding interesting natural pieces like driftwood, nautilus shells, and sand washed rocks.  Add these elements to your vintage finds for warmth and visual interest. Beautiful when paired with orchids.

The Gem Store + A Glue Gun = Inexpensive Details

Bring on that bling! Add a simple but dramatic detail to an inexpensive votive or vase, by adding gem stones or vintage broaches with a glue gun. Choose a single palette for monochromatic simplicity or go bold with a multitude of bright colors and shapes. Adding a vintage broach to ribbon can be used to wrap a glass vase, or create a gorgeous detail to a napkin fold.

For more ideas or to schedule your own DIY class with Nicole when she’s not busy creating wedding flowers seattle drools over, please contact us at 206-932-4717.