Vendor Spotlight: Weddings with Wendy

May 30, 2017

weddings with wendy

Wendy Wojcik of Weddings with Wendy is giving us an inside look at wedding planning, her advice for couples planning their big day and a moment she will never forget.

How did you Weddings with Wendy get started?
Before I began my career planning weddings, I was a catering manager for a well-known facility and it was those experiences that lead me into becoming a wedding planner. It is my passion to always plan a perfect wedding and help couples realize their dreams, and many times surpass them. I am very organized, have a strong attention to detail and my veteran status as a planner has allowed me to form strong relationships with wedding vendors that have benefited my couples.

As a Northwest native I have been planning weddings for over twenty-five years and continually see the wedding industry evolve. Whether through technology, styles or their uniqueness there is one common thread and that is perfect planning.

What is your favorite thing about being involved in a couple’s big day?
I love seeing all the “Beautiful Moments” that just happen at each wedding and how all the moving parts come together for a perfect day!

What advice would you give to couples who are just starting the planning process?
Set a realistic budget based on your number of expected guests. The most common issue my clients experience is that no matter how much they have planned to spend on their wedding most of them don’t understand all the costs involved in planning a perfect event.

My best advice to help them create the wedding of their dreams whatever budget that may be?  First, we create a dynamic budget knowing that up in until the wedding day it will change but change doesn’t necessarily mean increase.  I work with my clients to help them prioritize what is most important to them and then we adjust the budget for each item up or down to help them stay within the overall budget.  Basically we rank what is most important to what is the least and spend more money on the higher ranked items and less on the lower.

Is there a recent wedding trend that we can expect to see a lot more of in 2017?
Here are just a few: naked cakes, live entertainment, metallic embellished dresses with see through silhouettes, natural settings with an abundance of greenery, oversized potted trees and unique food options.

Is there one moment in your career that stands out as something you’ll never forget?
Yes, I love to surprise my couples with something special to them. I had a couple get engaged on a Ferris wheel. So I happened to be able to get one delivered to them for their wedding day. It was AMAZING for them and all the guests really enjoyed it!

Vendor Spotlight: Aaron Horton Productions

April 24, 2017

Video footage from your wedding day is a great way to preserve those special moments for years to come. Aaron Horton of Aaron Horton Productions is giving us an inside look at the life of videographer and sharing his advice on hiring one for your big day.

Video credit: Aaron Horton Productions

What is your advice to anyone who wants to hire a videographer for their big day?
Go with referrals from friends AND other vendors in our community.  The Seattle wedding community is small, everyone knows everyone else.  While there are vendors that have consistently come and gone in the last 15 years, there are also many who have been solid reputable companies who have grown and served their clients for over a decade.  These strong roots in the community are important for someone considering hiring a professional.  When a vendor recommends another vendor, they feel a responsibility for that recommendation’s quality of service.  In addition, you want a team that works well and cohesive as a unit… one that has a shared goal is to make the couple happy.

I highly recommend that couples request a FULL finished product.  Almost anyone can take the best clips from an event and throw together a decent online video, but you should have a very good idea of what to expect in a full finished product.  When you buy a car, you don’t just look in the trunk to see if you like it.  You need to know exactly what you are receiving so you can make the most informed decision.

What do you love most about your job?
I love my job because it is always a new challenge. I get paid to join families in what is always one of the happiest days of their lives, and at the end of the day, I feel responsible for preserving that feeling. Couples always tell me that when they sit down months after their wedding, they watch the video and start to feel the exact same emotions they felt as their day unfolded; nervous when they were getting ready, happy and excited during their first glance, tearful during a toast, or elated watching a sendoff. It’s quite an honor (and rewarding) to be able to tell someone’s story in a way that makes them feel so much emotion.

What is the one item you won’t attend a wedding without?
How about 20 items? And then backups of those 20 items!!!! I don’t have the luxury of doing re-takes. It’s my job to be everywhere and capture everything naturally. That said, I have to have all the equipment and backup to make sure that I can anticipate anything. My goal is to be the lowest maintenance team member at a wedding. I’ve done that for 15 years now by making sure that I’m prepared for anything. If really pressed, maybe I’d say comfortable dress shoes?

Getting to Know our Partner Vendor: Tasha Owen Photography

March 28, 2017

The photos from your wedding will be something that you cherish for the rest of your life. Tasha Owen of Tasha Owen Photography shares her insight on photography for the big day.

Photo credit: Tasha Owen Photography

How did you get started in wedding photography?
I was standing in my yard with my 3 Welsh Corgis when the Sanitation worker said his “Fiancé loved Corgi’s.” He got back in his truck, and I thought about it for a minute. I got in my car, chased him down, and told him I was a photographer, and that I would love to photograph his wedding. Lo and Behold… after that first wedding I was completely hooked. 580 weddings later I am still thrilled to be in the wedding industry and I love photography more today than I did when I started 35 years ago.

Are there any recent photography trends that you’re especially excited about?
The trend I embrace is authenticity. The images should reflect the vision of the Bride and Groom. No matter what pose, or what background, that it all suits them. Now that isn’t to say it always has to be a completely natural setting, if it feels right to a couple to play with a Film Noir style, I say let’s play! I need to have the technical knowledge and vision to pull those ideas together. To know where I can direct and when I need to step back and be more hands off. It’s a wonderful dance, to be able to focus on the day and bringing those moments to life in the camera- that is the trend that I feel becomes timeless.

Photo credit: Tasha Owen Photography

What’s your favorite part about being involved in a couple’s big day?
Oh boy, there are so many. Being with the bride and her father before she walks down the aisle. I have heard such beautiful things at those moments. Or the moment when the groom turns around and see’s his bride for the first time during their reveal moment. But probably my favorite part about being involved in their day is watching. The looking through my lens and seeing all those moments that are so vivid they take my breath away. A laugh, a kiss on a cheek, a tear, a stolen moment between parents… all these and more remind how fleeting life is and how important it is to capture it… if but for a second.

Are there any specific moments in your career that stand out as something you’ll never forget?
We were at the Rosario Resort on Orcus Island when we received word that Tom’s mother had passed away. It was an hour before we were to begin a wedding. It was a small outdoor wedding on the lawn overlooking the water. The skies were gray and there was a bit of rain and wind. The young couple stood up there under this huge tree and said their “I do’s”, and suddenly it all seemed so absolutely perfect to me. Life made perfect sense. My wonderful mother-in-law would have appreciated the circle of life I was feeling at that moment. The sweetness of grief, and the joy of new beginnings. I cherished that moment, and I was so very honored to be a part of ceremony and that young couples day. I never shared with them what had happened, but their kindness and how they included us in their day meant the world to us. The feelings of that day stay with me even now and I am ever so grateful.

You have obviously experienced many weddings. Any advice for a couple just starting the planning process?
Talk to each other about what is important. If things start to feel like a struggle in the planning, take a step back; take a look at your expectations. Don’t wear yourselves out! I know… easier said than done. Ask for help when you need it, and build a good team of vendors. On your wedding day, know you have done all you can, and everything is really perfect no matter what. Because at the end of the day, you two get the best part of all… each other.

Expert Style Tips for Using Greenery at Your Event

March 13, 2017

The 2017 Pantone Color of the Year is Greenery and we couldn’t be more excited about it! As a life affirming shade that is symbolic of new beginnings, it’s the perfect color to use on your wedding day. Rebecca Dashow, our own Herban Bloom and Herban Design Studio expert, shares her advice with  couples who are interested in integrating Greenery into  their big day.

What is your advice to couples on choosing a color scheme?
Pinterest is a great tool for wedding planning! It is super easy to enter your color ideas and let Pinterest give you a pretty color palette. I also like Instagram. By looking at the local florist’s feed, planners, even caterers you can get an idea of different color palettes.

The Pantone color of the year is Greenery. What do you like best about this color in terms of styling an event?
I think that Greenery goes with virtually every color palette- your whites, creams, blush, lavender, navy, peach, fuchsia, black. You name it you can’t go wrong having greenery either be the main color or a secondary color choice.

It seems like there are so many ways to incorporate Greenery into any event. What’s a good place to start?
I think your ceremony arch or chuppah. There are so many ideas out there for showing the greenery front and center, which allows guests can quickly connect with theme of the wedding.

What other style trends can we expect to see in 2017 that will complement the use of this year’s color?

Is there such a thing as too much with this color?
I would integrate the greenery idea on focal areas. For example, the arch and maybe long garlands running down farm tables for your reception. Everything else should have elements of these main pieces but add in floral.  You don’t want your big day to look like a jungle.

Will you choose greenery for your event this year?


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Sodo Park Named One of “The Best Wedding Venues in the United States” by Bride Magazine

February 14, 2017

We’re honored that our Sodo Park Venue has been named as one of ‘The Best Wedding Venues in the United States’ by Brides Magazine!

Eighteen years ago, we set out to create unforgettable experiences for both our clients and their guests, which now includes sharing one of the most idyllic locations in Seattle to get married. Located just a few minutes from downtown Seattle, Sodo Park blends historical significance with modern day elegance. The 7,500 square foot space features vaulted ceilings, exposed beams and millwork, reclaimed lighting and a distinctive warm fusion of modern and rustic accents throughout.

We’ve had the pleasure of creating many memorable events at Sodo Park throughout the years. Mike and Hannah’s wedding night captured the romance of the occasion while maintaining a rustic feel. Aaron and Julia’s nuptials exuded the same elegance as the beautiful couple.

As always, from bookings to styling to catering, none of this would be possible without the talent and hard work of our dedicated team and esteemed partners! This win is yours too.

For more information on Sodo Park or to schedule a walk-through, visit our website.

Falling in Love with I Do Sodo

February 2, 2017

We can’t wait to participate in the 2nd annual I Do Sodo wedding show next weekend! We’re so proud to be a part of the historic Sodo neighborhood and are delighted that there is finally a wedding show dedicated to the venues in this area.

This year’s show (taking place next Sunday, February 12th!) offers you a rare opportunity to tour Within Sodo, Westland Distillery, Kerloo Cellars, Metropolist, Canvas and Safeco Field, as well as our own Sodo Park and The Foundry venues. The best part of I Do Sodo is that each venue will be stylishly transformed by a team of Seattle’s top vendors – including a caterer, florist and musician – allowing you to fully visualize how the space would look on your big day.

Purchase your tickets for I Do Sodo here, and make sure to say hello and introduce yourself when you get to our venues!

Here are a few photos from last year’s event courtesy of Laurel McConnell Photography and Jenn Tai Photography.

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The First Five Decisions to Make When Planning Your Wedding

January 25, 2017

La Vie Photography

Engagement season is in full swing! To help brides and grooms-to-be with the initial stages of wedding planning, we asked Megan from Clutch Events to share tips on the first five decisions you’ll need to make.

Set your budget. The purse strings control most wedding planning decisions you’ll make. As soon as you know your firm budget, enter it into a wedding budget calculator for a breakdown. Your wedding planner can also help to create a custom budget and help you decide which areas are most important to you, and that you’re willing to spend more on.

Decide on your wedding size. Maybe you’re dreaming of a large wedding or maybe a small, intimate affair is more your style. Start by thinking about how many guests feels good to you. 50? 100? 200+? Then, make a guest list in Excel and see where you land! You can cut back the list from there. And, of course, remember to get a list from your parents as well.

The guest count will also help you narrow down which venues will work for you and identify  variable costs. Variable costs to consider (and that are based on your wedding size!) include catering, rentals, florals, transportation and invitations.

Melissa Kilner Photography

Location. Where do you want to get married? Are you dreaming of a wedding close to home or a destination wedding? Consider your wedding vision, planning logistics and guest travel when weighing your options about a location.

Once you’ve settled on the location you can choose a venue. This is an important step as the venue will help shape the style and design of the wedding.

Time of Year. Consider the following when deciding what time of year to get married:

  • Average weather and temperature – especially if you want an outdoor event!
  • What time the sun sets – do you have a full day of light or will it get dark at 4PM?
  • Holiday weekends – these may be dates to avoid because of airfare costs and other travel issues
  • School schedules for guests that will be traveling with kids

If you have the flexibility to choose a season or a preferred month without having a specific date, there may be more availability when it comes to selecting a venue. Perhaps you want to get married in summer, but July is only six months away from when you got engaged. Make sure you give yourself enough time to plan your wedding and enjoy your engagement!

Jenny J Photography

Wedding Style. Casual? Semi-formal? Black tie? Do you have a sense of the style of wedding you’re going for? This is also an important factor to consider when deciding on budget and guest count. A formal wedding will likely increase the cost of the event.

Most importantly, remember that it’s the experience you have and people who surround you that are most significant to planning a wedding!

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Herban Feast Real Wedding: Melanie and Rhabbie at The Foundry

January 9, 2017

Melanie and Rhabbie’s wedding at The Foundry was a joyful celebration of love, family and friends. The couple first met in their high school Spanish class and it was amor at first sight. They have been together for 16 years but were waiting for Melanie to finish dental school before tying the knot.

“Because we’ve been together for so long, our wedding was more of a celebration of FINALLY!”, said Melanie. “There was a lot of love put into our wedding because we had so many friends help us – we wanted the whole night to be about us, love and a celebration.”

The couple wanted a modern look, which was executed with lots of exciting lighting, metallic accents and elegant, light florals.

Enjoy this beautiful photo story by Alante Photography!

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Herban Feast Real Wedding: Bradley and Leah at Sodo Park

December 21, 2016


Bradley and Leah’s Sodo Park wedding was a classic, romantic and stunning affair. A private ketubah signing in the Sodo Park loft followed by a traditional Jewish ceremony, sparklers, a mashed potato bar, over 500 donuts, and so much more!

Instead of walking all the way down the aisle, Bradley and Leah’s  ceremony took place in the center of their guests. “We wanted everyone to feel like they were a part of the ceremony and to be wrapped in their love and presence” explained Leah.

The nuptials had a soft, elegant design to them. Planner Married with Michelle and florist Bella Rugosa used eucalyptus, spray roses, greenery and an array of candles to set the mood.

Leah and Bradley desired a relaxed and fun feel to their wedding reception, greeting guests with champagne as they arrived and selecting food stations instead of a traditional seated dinner, and ending the evening with chicken and waffle sliders!

Thank you to Sullivan and Sullivan Photography for sharing these amazing photos!

















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Herban Feast

Herban Feast Real Wedding: Emily and Alex at The Foundry

November 30, 2016

A huge congratulations to Emily and Alex on their nuptials! These stunning photos courtesy of Julia Kinnunen Photography perfectly capture the beauty, elegance and sweetness of their wedding celebration. We hope you enjoy this wonderful photo story.






Suspended lights and greenery are one of the biggest design trends of 2016. This living wall adds texture and a pop of color to a simple backdrop.


The Foundry’s customizable layout allows guests to use rooms separately or together. The venue’s large room is a top choice for both the ceremony and the reception – a changeover that occurs while guests enjoy cocktails by the fireplace.


Our signature Sweet Potato and Dungeness Crab Cakes are one of our most popular appetizers.


A bold and colorful floral arrangement makes for a beautiful centerpiece.


Local food remains a first choice for menus. Our Pacific Northwest favorites include Citrus Rubbed Wild Pacific Salmon in the summer and Rosemary Scented Roasted Vegetables in the winter.


The Foundry‘s distinct spaces and unique layout work for every occasion – from weddings to company off-sites and private parties. The Foundry also includes exclusive catering and bar service by our award-winning culinary team. Give us a call at 206-932-4717 for a private tour!

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